Music Series

Free under Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0.

[Lucid] Series

Uplifting dreampop with electronic influence and heavily features digital choir.

[The War] Series

Alternative pop/rock with orchestral backing and a bit of electronic thrown in.

[Suits & Suites] Series

Simple atmospheric orchestral with hard-hitting drums.

[Bane] Series

Classical-influenced orchestral pop in triple time (think waltz dance).

[Cadenza] Series

Instrumentals without percussions or digital choir.

[Cynic] Series

Slightly darker/aggressive sound, influenced by dubstep/grime.

Upcoming Series

[Hafez] - Arabic/Mediterranean influence

[Silphium] - Post-rock influenced pop

[Suits & Six] - Guitar-driven rock

[Midnight Drive] - Electronic/synth pop

[Trepid] - Post-hardcore/metalcore

[Therapy] - Harsher metal influence