About Mattesar.com

I originally made this website in 2016 to give out my instrumental songs for free under Creative Commons. In June 2018, however, I saw unexpected visitors coming in from Google to an accidentally-published article here and thought maybe I should start adding other contents.

I am still in the process of brainstorming for more content ideas. I will update this page soon enough!



I started making music around 10 years ago, and still love making them. However, it’s not what I want to do as a career (I’m in software). Music is not my life – it’s just a therapeutic hobby, an outlet if you will.


Seeing people enjoy my music feels very rewarding. There were people who used my songs at their wedding/events/videos/etc and I realized that that’s what made me happy, not a bunch of $0.99 iTunes transactions. Of course I’d like to see the hobby pay for itself, but trying to force that would just suck out the joy.


I hope these songs would be useful for your projects. Do send me links if you use them, I’d like to feature some here.



The songs are under Creative Commons CC-BY so you can use them for free legally in your games, films, videos, apps, events, podcasts, etc – just give credits.


Simply put something like…

Song: Mattesar – [song title][series] and link to mattesar.com


However, if you can’t display credits then I don’t mind – it’s technically illegal but ehh it’s not like I’m gonna come after you or something, that’s a waste of energy, time and money on my part. However, it’d be easier for you to display credits, because people will ask for the song titles anyway.



Email me at contact [at] mattesar dot com.